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Tricks For Wearing Your Pajamas Out of the House — and Making It Look Good

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Turn Your Pajama Top Into a Button Down.

We've had a thing for Hawaiian shirts since bingeing Outer Banks, but an oversized button-down from your favorite PJ set will create a similar vibe. Pair it with Bermuda shorts and chunky sandals for a laid-back, vacation-like look.

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There are days when it takes a whole lot of energy for us to peel off our pajamas and put on 'regular' clothes. Compared to a non-stretchy pair of jeans, printed sets and oversized tees are just so darn comfy, and we've grown accustomed to wearing them all day, every day while spending time at home.
But, just because we're slowly coming out of quarantine doesn't mean we have to ditch our PJs just yet — especially the cute options we invested in over the past few months. The pajama dressing trend has been beloved by the fashion crowd for years, and with a little bit of inspiration, we can easily and sneakily incorporate loungewear into our everyday looks. And, we highly doubt anyone will notice, either.

Play Around With Knots

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If you want to wear your printed pajama shirt but not have it look so large and relaxed, you can always knot it or leave a few bottom buttons unfastened, turning it into a crop-top of sorts.

Break Up Your Tie-Dye Sweats

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 Tie-dye sets are still going strong in quarantine, but there's nothing stopping you from wearing them to the store or to a restaurant (with a mask, or course). Break up this pairing by styling the top with your favorite jean shorts, then add bold-colored sandals or sneakers to really wow the crowd.

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