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What Camera Do You Need for Photography?

Apple became the world’s first trillion dollar company in 2018 largely because of the iPhone – and what it replaced.
Alarm clocks. Flashlights. Calculators. MP3 players. Landline phones. GPSs. Audio recorders.
When you learn photography, you can take beautiful pictures like this, using a flash and colored lights. This example photo shows the backlit silhouette of a man smoking a cigar.Many people today believe that their phone is good enough for most photography, and
they have no need to buy a separate camera. And you know what? They’re not wrong. For most people out there, a dedicated camera is overkill.
Phones are better than dedicated cameras for most people’s needs. They’re quicker and easier to use, not to mention their seamless integration with social media. It only makes sense to get a dedicated camera if your phone isn’t good enough for the photos you want (like photographing sports or low-light environments) or if you’re specifically interested in photography as a hobby.
That advice may sound crazy coming from a photographer, but it’s true. If you have any camera at all, especially a cell phone camera, you have what you need in order to take great photos. And if you have a more advanced camera, like a DSLR or mirrorless camera, what more is there to say? This is the guide for you – it’s time to learn photography.

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