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How to register your business with the CAC in less than 14 days without a lawyer

It is a must to register your business name if you want to run a legal business, do business with government parastatals and go into
partnership with some big companies here in Nigeria. The benefits of registering your business with CAC cannot be over-emphasized.
Most business owners and intending entrepreneur assume business registration is a difficulty task and at the same time costly BUT this is a
wrong notion.

Registering a company is Easy, Fast and Cheap if you have the know-how, you don't need the service of a Lawyer/Agent before you can register your business...'you can register yourself'.

You can register your business name with CAC in less than 14days with #10,750 only and without a Lawyer (Do it yourself method)

The purpose of this thread is to guide business owners and intending entrepreneurs in Nigeria who wish to get their business name registered with
the Corporate Affairs Commission without spending more than required.

Before I start proper, I will like to know the number of people that are interested in this thread.

If you are interested and you like me to proceed with the step-by-step procedures (with pictures) needed to register a business with CAC in less than 14days and with #10,750 only; Comment to express your view.


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